Photographer based in London and Milan.

Dysfunctional. Content for Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Venice, 2019.
Life on Idjwi Island. Preview of an ongoing project commissioned by Equatorial Power & Google. S.Kivu, D.R.C. 2019.
Suicide Disco. Artwork for Years of Denial. Released on Veyl Records in 2019.
Body Count. Artwork for Maenad Veyl. Released on Veyl Records in 2019.
Previously Undisclosed Rituals I, II & III. Artwork for V.A. Compilation. Released on Veyl in 2018 and 2019.
Monza / Sahara. Campaign for BMW X5. Merzouga, Morocco, 2018.
Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A week in Goma, D.R.C. 2018.
Pietro Sedda x BMW X2 Rebel Edition. Campaign for BMW. Milan, 2018.
Not What You See, Not What You Feel. Artwork for Maenad Veyl. Released on Veyl Records in 2018.
C400GT. Campaign for BMW Motorrad. Genova, 2018.
The Acceptance ov Not Knowing. Artwork for Maenad Veyl. Released on Veyl Records in 2018.
You're So Vine. Campaign for Bea Bongiasca. Milan, 2018.
Youth of the Suri. Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region, Ethiopia, 2017.
Bottega Veneta FW17/18 Show. Digital content. Milan, 2017.
I Am Goodbye. Artwork for Go Hiyama. Released on Parachute Records in 2017.
Petroc Sesti's Literal Form. London, 2016.
Bottega Veneta SS17 50th Anniversary Show. Digital content. Milan, 2016.
Le serie TV fanno parte di noi. Original content for Sky Italia. Milan, 2016.
Somalilanders Dream of a Nation. An essay on life in Somaliland. 2016.
The Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth. A week in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia, 2016.
Erta Ale Lava Lake. Afar Region, Ethiopia, 2016.
Bottega Veneta FW16/17 Show. Digital content. Milan, 2016.
Roberto Parodi x Motorrad R9T Scrambler. Digital content for BMW Motorrad. Italy, 2016.
Molto piú di un'assicurazione online. Campaign for Genertel. Romania, 2016.
Ajmone Sartorial Leather. Campaign for Ajmone. Italy, 2016.
Harar, Little Mecca. Ethiopia, 2015.
The Book of Eunoch. Study of Coptic Christian Rites. Lalilbela, Ethiopia, 2015.
A Chinese Engagement. Study of Zhejiang wedding ceremony in Milan, 2016.
Gehard Demetz in his studio. Content for Postdigital Artisans: Craftsmanship with a New Aesthetic in Fashion, Art, Design and Architecture. Published by Frame Publishers, London, 2015.
Andrew Schneider’s YOUARENOWHERE. London, 2015.
China Never Sleeps. Shanghai and Wenzhou, China, 2015.
I can see clearly now. Reportage on eyeglasses manufacturing. Wenzhou, China, 2015.
CW/A Over the years. Portraits of producer duo Clockwork/Avatism, 2014-2016.